Yamaha TMax 530 (08-16) SHAD Comfort Seat

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User Manual

All SHAD Comfort Seats have state-of-the-art weight, heat and vibration distribution technology to make every ride as comfortable as possible.

SHAD Comfort Seats are complete units, using no part of the original seat; the base, foam and cover are part of a completely new seat.

SHAD comfort seats are a factory copy, manufactured with upgraded technology meaning seat height / width is not different from an OEM seat.

  • Thermo-sealed seams that offer a waterproof seat
  • Polyurethane materials in GMPU give every SHAD seat a high resistance to impacts with less weight than standard seats
  • Pressure relief tunnel that allows trapped hot air to exit and aid correct pressure distribution
  • Manufactured in Barcelona
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty included
  • Includes full instructions to ensure easy fitment
  • Soft-touch finish from high-density polyurethane foam
  • Exclusive 3D MESH technology and polyester foam also makes for superior comfort

Yamaha TMax 530 SHAD Comfort Seats come pre-drilled where necessary with all needed fittings and full instructions, ensuring a simple and easy fitment.


This product is only compatible with the following models:

Yamaha TMax 530 2008
Yamaha TMax 530 2009
Yamaha TMax 530 2010
Yamaha TMax 530 2011
Yamaha TMax 530 2012
Yamaha TMax 530 2013
Yamaha TMax 530 2014
Yamaha TMax 530 2015
Yamaha TMax 530 2016

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Yamaha TMax 530 (08-16) SHAD Comfort Seat

Yamaha TMax 530 (08-16) SHAD Comfort Seat