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The origins of NADSL date back to 1973 when Jaume Xicola Gascon founded the company in Valles Oriental not far from Barcelona. From the very outset, the company was dedicated to manufacturing seats for motorcycles. In this initial stage, the company manufactured seats for motorcycle companies located in or around the region: DERBI, MONTESA, BULTACO, SANGLAS, etc. Then, during the eighties, the sector underwent a significant industrial overhaul, which was the moment that NADSL began an important cycle of growth taking advantage of the entry of the principal Japanese motorcycle manufactures into the European market: YAMAHA, HONDA Y SUZUKI. At the same time the company began supplying PIAGGIO Spain which, combined with our Japanese manufacturers clients, represents a significant industrial step forward for NADSL. This client portfolio, including our clients from the initial stages of the company, catapulted the company into the list of the top ranking European manufacturers of motorcycle seats. However, it wasn't until the early nineties that NADSL began to manufacture seats for the major European manufacturers: PEUGEOT, BMW and MBK (YAMAHA France).

Taking advantage of the international boom, business relations with the principal European motorcycle manufacturers and our know-how of the plastic injection moulding product, NADSL begins to develop and produce side cases and top-side for the custom made range of BMW. Later on, the company would also supply and equip the first model of the Yamaha Tenere. It was the end of the nineties when the company decided to launch the first SHAD top case, with a capacity of 22 litres, together with the corresponding accessories and fixtures for the principal motorcycles and scooters of the period.

Between 1998 and 2010, NADSL began to win ever more ambitious and technologically complex projects, until eventually becoming the leading European manufacturer primary equipment (seats and top cases) for the principal brands manufacturing motorcycles in Europe, and the second most important company in the world in manufacturing and marketing top cases, which under its trademark, distributes the SHAD brand and which is present in more than 60 countries worldwide.


NADSL currently equips a wide range of seats and top cases for the principal European motorcycle production centres, exporting seats for some brands such as Triumph, to their production centres in Indonesia. The design, development, production and storage of our entire OEM equipment is carried out at our central production facilities in Mollet del Valles, located on the outskirts of Barcelona.

We distribute our products to almost every country in the world and the UK is no exception and is seeing high growth as the innovative range appeals to such a wide range of people.

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