Kymco AK 550 (17-24) SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kit



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SHAD 3P fitting kits are highly integrated with the bike, more so than most pannier fitting kits on the market. The award winning 3P fitting kits offer a slimline, lightweight and easy solution to mounting your panniers.

The SHAD 3P kit is an unobtrusive L-shaped arm that attaches to either side of the motorcycle affording 3 points of connection, bracing the pannier in 2 directions. This negates the need for a traditional rectangular, bulky frame and translates into a lighter rack that is easier to install and significantly less conspicuous than other conventional pannier fitting kits.

The volume inside of SHAD's cases and the mounted angle of the 3P system have been designed to shift your luggage weight towards the motorcycles' centre of gravity, this grants improved stability when riding.

  • Bespoke and unique L shaped design
  • Easily mount / dismount your panniers
  • Manufactured in Barcelona
  • Comes pre-drilled and ready to fit
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty included
  • Includes full instructions to ensure easy fitment

Kymco AK 550 SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kits are manufactured from a strong, powder coated steel.

Kymco AK 550 SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kits come pre-drilled where necessary with all needed fittings and full instructions, ensuring a simple and easy fitment.

Incompatible with Kymco AK550 Premium.
Incompatible with the SHAD TR40 panniers.


This product is only compatible with the following models:

Kymco AK 550 2017
Kymco AK 550 2018
Kymco AK 550 2019
Kymco AK 550 2020
Kymco AK 550 2021
Kymco AK 550 2022
Kymco AK 550 2023
Kymco AK 550 2024

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Kymco AK 550 (17-24) SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kit

Kymco AK 550 (17-24) SHAD 3P Pannier Fitting Kit