SHAD Terra Aluminium Cases

Versatile, Strong and Secure

The exciting new Terra aluminium range represents a major new direction for SHAD, this time entering the field of adventure.
Adventure Seeking bikers now have a new standard for their motorcycle luggage. The full body aluminium cases feature a smoothed aerodynamic profile with unique integrated structural design elements. Whether on or off road, you will be ready to explore any terrain with the maximum capacity, comfort and safety for your gear.

Integrated Carry Handle

The retractable carrying handle is made from industrial grade stainless steel, making it extra resistant to staining, corrosion, while adding strength and durability. The integrated design enables the user to easily mount and remove the case with one hand in just a few seconds.


Terra Locking Mechanism

All Terra cases include the "TERRA Lock System" which is currently patent pending. The TERRA Lock System unifies all operations of the case in one lock mechanism that fits perfectly in the aerodynamic body of the case. With one key and one hand, it allows the user to operate and remove the case in seconds, without the need to open and remove gear to lock it to the bike. The new keys and lock cylinder are the new premium version from SHAD, with a system that reduces the chance of theft. For additional protection they system also features a cover that stops dust from entering. Right hand panniers are supplied with an additional 2 spare lock barrels to allow for a 1 key sysetm when using 3 Terra cases.


Design Elements

TERRA is designed, engineered and made 100% in Barcelona. The new line of aluminium cases are made from forged aluminium alloy, a stronger and lighter type of aluminium which allows a reduced cross section of 1.2mm to obtain minimum weight with maximum resistance. Whether on or off road, you will be ready to explore any terrain with the maximum capacity, comfort and safety for your gear.

  • - A full aluminium body
  • - Integrated lock and carry handle
  • - Stainless steel hinges
  • - Internal retractable inner tray (Panniers)
  • - Internal cargo netting (Panniers)
  • - Interior soft foam base (Top Cases)
  • - External tie-down hooks (Top Cases)


4P Pannier Fitting Kits

Together with the TERRA line, SHAD has also developed the 4P fitting system, a stainless steel structure covered with high resistant powder coated paint. Thanks to its diameter of 20mm, the thickest on the market, it provides maximum firmness and resistance to both sides that is also reinforced with a crossbar for the most extreme rides. Each 4P System has 4 points of fitment ensuring the panniers are secured firmly to the bike and improve load stability by distributing weight more evenly.


Top Box Fitting Kits:

To mount a Terra Top Box almost always requires the installation of a SHAD Top Box Fitting Kit and a mounting plate (sold separately).
The two options of mounting plates are: SHAD standard mounting plate (D1B481PA – new from 2020) or the new Aluminium mounting plate (D1BTRPA)

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