SHAD Smart Phone Holders

Innovative, Waterproof & Practical

Brand new from SHAD for 2019 comes an innovative and diverse range of smartphone holders, compatible with motorbikes, bicycles and quads / ATV’s. Featuring additional storage, anti-glare visors, touch screen capabilities and so much more, this exciting new lightweight range is the next evolution in smartphone holders.

Ease of Installation

Both ranges can be mounted on either handlebars or mirrors depending on the model purchased.The mounting bracket for the phone holder is included in the price.The quick release mechanism allows easy transportation without having to remove the clamp. A complete 360 degree range of movement means the phone holders can be used landscape or portrait. Glove friendly zippers make it easy to access the device when needed.

Weatherproof and easy to use

The water resistant zipper and casing ensures the device is fully weather protected at the same time maintaining touch screen capabilities. A choice of case size (16cm or 18cm) ensures both Apple and Android devices fit comfortably (with internal spacers). The holders comes equipped with a built-in cable port allowing charging from the bike.

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