SHAD Hands Free Intercom

Our New Urabn Communication Range

The new SHAD Hands Free systems have the latest generation of Bluetooth® technology with impressive sound quality, connectivity and voice command features while paired with latest devices.


Designed to provide a safe method of communication between rider and pillion by allowing hands free control through voice commands. Add up to two Bluetooth® devices at once, enabling dual audio input such as GPS and audio. LED indicator displays the status of the headset, whether it is charging / on / off, making device usage intuitive and simple.

Ease Of Use

Attach to any open face, full face, flip-up or trail helmet in just a few minutes with the included kit. Connect to any bluetooth device with Bluetooth 4.0 which greatly increases the range to 10m. Featuring a 25% smaller and lighter design compared to the previous model, these systems fit better in helmets, while being more discrete with a smaller profile.

Urban Communication

Compatible with all Bluetooth devices; GPS/ Phones/ MP3 players. Automatic voice answering and voice control ensures headsets are completely hands free.


Intuitive voice control system.
HD Stereo Wind noise reduction technology.
Intercommunication between UC03 devices (UC02 excluded)
Allows connection to 2 devices at the same time.
Compatible with previous versions (BC).
Universal: Jet, full face, flip-up trail helmets compatible.
Glove friendly.
MicroUSB charger cable included.

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