SHAD Click System Tank Bags

Evolution and Revolution

The new Click System range range of tank bags offers a secure, unobtrusive and discrete way of securing a tank bag to your motorcycle.

SHAD Click System Attachment

Designed To Integrate

The innovative Click System uses selected bolts around the fuel tank to attach a horseshoe shaped bracket securely to the bike.
This allows the rider to fix one of three semi rigid tank bags to the motorcycle in a single click.
Each tank bag features a standard version and a lockable version (secures tank bag to bike) and the 9 Litre version features an additional option to add a combination lock for the zippers.
SHAD E03 Click System Tank Bag
E03 Click System Tank Bag
3 Litres
SHAD E09 Click System Tank Bag
E09 Click System Tank Bag
9 Litres
SHAD TR15 Click System Tank Bag
TR15 Click System Tank Bag
15 Litres

Durability & Water Resistance

The semi rigid tank bags for the SHAD Click System have been developed with particular attention to function and design. Engineered to integrate the mounting mechanism on the underside of the tank bag instead of on the bike means there's almost no evidence of a tank bag solution when not on the bike.
All models are supplied with rainproof cover.



All that is needed is an allen key and a screwdriver and about 3-5 minutes The Click System is easily fitted in just a few minutes by replacing 3 or 4 of the original fuel cap screws and fitting the bracket.

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