Benelli TRE 899 K (06-17) SHAD Pin System Fitting Kit

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Innovation in motorcycle storage is where SHAD excels and the new PIN system fitting kits demonstrate this perfectly.

The fitting kit consists of a set of pins which replace 3 or 4 of the bolts around the fuel cap.

A metal plate then connects to the tank bag of your choice and the whole system then slides on and off the pins at will.

The tank bag never touches the tank thereby guaranteeing no scratches, no rubbing and no abrasion.

This is a fitting kit only. There are 3 compatible tank bags to complete the set (at extra cost):

  • E-04P (3 litre tank bag)
  • E-10P (5 litre tank bag)
  • E-16P (10-15 litre expandable tank bag)


  • Simple and easy to fit
  • No chance of tank scratching due to bespoke 'floating' design
  • Manufactured in Barcelona
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty included
  • Includes full instructions to ensure easy fitment

This product is only compatible with the following models:

Benelli TRE 899 K 2006
Benelli TRE 899 K 2007
Benelli TRE 899 K 2008
Benelli TRE 899 K 2009
Benelli TRE 899 K 2010
Benelli TRE 899 K 2011
Benelli TRE 899 K 2012
Benelli TRE 899 K 2013
Benelli TRE 899 K 2014
Benelli TRE 899 K 2015
Benelli TRE 899 K 2016
Benelli TRE 899 K 2017

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Benelli TRE 899 K (06-17) SHAD Pin System Fitting Kit

Benelli TRE 899 K (06-17) SHAD Pin System Fitting Kit